International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

IFAMA Europe


IFAMA Europe will unlock surprising, cross-category open innovation potential globally for the Agri-Food chain of its individual members.

An inspiring innovation hub in a triple helix context

IFAMA Europe recognizes the fundamental links between Academia, Business/Industry, Governments, and Non-Government organizations and seeks to create opportunity at their intersections. We welcome large and small innovative parties (e.g. SME's, start up's, incubators, etc). IFAMA Europe converts good ideas into real value with a clear relevance for science.

We deliver open innovation collaborations and events

Collaboration for open innovation can occur between two parties, and up to many more.

We are organized as a true network organization

IFAMA Europe structure is designed to facilitate cooperation, information sharing and networking between members. The IFAMA Europe board, our programming body, seeks project based financing in line with our mission. Each initiative has it's own added value with individual funding for that particular project, minimizing overhead costs. For more information on IFAMA Europe, please click here.


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