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JUNE 23 - 27, 2018

2018 Call For Student Teams


It is with great pleasure that IFAMA announces the 2018 IFAMA International Student Case Competition.

Two new offerings are available in 2018:

  • for the first time in IFAMA history, we will provide the competition in both English and Spanish (a concurrent albeit separate competition). This concession is made to encourage more Latin American participation. The overall structure will remain the same;    
  • for the first time in IFAMA history, we are adding a competition category for Young Professionals.  Young Professionals are defined as working, having graduated from their most recent academic pursuits by more than one year, and are 35 years old or younger. The Young Professional track will be conducted in English only.


The 2018 Buenos Aires Case Competition will be organized in three tracks for students, in both English and Spanish, plus a Young Professional track, only in English:

  1.  Undergraduate (not more than 1 graduate student): UG English, UG Spanish;
  2. Intermediate Graduate (2 undergraduate and 2 graduate students): Int English, Int Spanish; and
  3. Advanced Graduate (max 1 undergraduate students): Adv English; Adv Spanish
  4. Young Professionals in English only: YP.

    Each track will have one or two sections, depending on the number of teams accepted, and will ideally host 6 or 12 teams. 

    Teams Applications must be submitted by the Advisor, who will identify which track the team desires to compete in. 

    Although IFAMA strives to honor this indication as much as possible, it also reserves the right to adjust the composition of each section, to secure a more balanced outcome.  For example, if IFAMA received applications from 8 teams to compete in the English track- Intermediate, it reserves the right to move up to two teams to the Undergraduate or the Graduate tracks. These decisions are final.


    All teams must attend an orientation during the Student Welcome Reception on Saturday, evening, June 23.

    The first round, for all tracks (Ug English, Ug Spanish; Int English, Int Spanish; Adv English, Adv Spanish; YP) begins on Sunday, June 24 at 9:00am. There will be seven concurrent sessions (3 in English and 3 in Spanish, plus the Young Professionals session). 

    Exact team presentation times are randomly determined while scheduling considerations are made for students who are also presenting research papers in the Symposium, etc. The schedule will be posted near the IFAMA Registration Desk on Saturday, and also announced during the Student Welcome Reception on Saturday, night. 

    The Case will be released to the first stream of teams on Sunday beginning at 9:00am, then sequentially released to a following stream every 30 minutes.  Each team has exactly 4 hours to read the Case, develop a solution and file their PowerPoint presentation with the Student Case Competition help desk. Delays in picking up the Case will not extend this deadline. Teams begin making presentations before a panel of judges 30 minutes later.  Each team is given 30 minutes (5 minutes to set up, 15-20 min to present, and 10-5 minutes for Q&A). There will be a networking break in the morning and the afternoon, plus a brunch, so make sure you know the exact timing appropriate for your team.

    All presentations occur on Sunday afternoon and will be in camera (members of other teams, coaches, and “team assistants” cannot be present to prevent possible “free riding” by teams presenting later).  All presentations for a given stream will be in a dedicated classroom.

    The most current updates to the schedule will be available on IFAMA's website:  2018 Student Case Competition Schedule 

    IMPORTANT: Teams work alone in preparing their presentation. Teams will have access to the internet BUT CANNOT contact their coaches or other “helpers.”  Failure to comply with this “independent working” requirement may be grounds for expulsion. Such a decision, made by the Case Competition Chair, is final.

    Each of the 7 tracks (Ug English, Ug Spanish; Int English, Int Spanish; Adv English, Adv Spanish; YP) will advance two teams to the Finals on Monday, June 25. If two sections are in a given track, each section will advance one team to the finals; with one section in a given track, two teams will move to the Finals.

    Moving to the Finals Round on Monday
    Each of the 7 tracks (Ug English, Ug Spanish; Int English, Int Spanish; Adv English, Adv Spanish; YP) will advance two teams to the Finals on Monday, June 25. If two sections are in a given track, each section will advance one team to the finals.

    On Sunday afternoon, after completion of the first round of competition, all teams will receive the second part of the case to be used for the Final Round on Monday. The Teams progressing to Monday’s Final round of the Case Competition will be announced about 30 minutes later.

    There will be a first and second place winner in each track for both English and Spanish: Undergraduate, Intermediate, and Graduate; Young Professionals. Winners will be announced at the Presidential Banquet on Wednesday, June 27.


    Please Note:  A good faith deposit of $1,000 USD is required to secure a spot in the competition. The deposit is instituted to prevent "no shows" which disrupt the scheduling and flow of the competition. The deposit will be returned at the end of the competition to the teams who participated in the competition. Instructions on how to wire these funds will be emailed to the Team Advisor directly by the CEO of IFAMA. Each application is confirmed as soon as a deposit is received by IFAMA.

    Registration is simple. The advisor will complete and submit a registration form by following the link below. Competing students may be named later to provide flexibility given academic and personal requirements.  

    All students must register for the conference and pay the conference registration fee no later than May 1, 2018.  Failure to do so will lead to seizure of the deposit and team cancellation.  Given the Early Bird pricing structure, there is a clear incentive to register as soon as possible.  


    IFAMA welcomes applications for registration by “unattached students” who will be placed on appropriate “international” teams.  Indeed, some of these teams composed by unattached students have done extremely well in the past (check the winning teams in 2016 and 2017!).

    The process is similar to that outlined for teams (above) with these exceptions / modifications:

      1. The Unattached Student deposit fee is $350USD
      2. The deposit will be returned with any additional support if and as appropriate, only to students who show up to compete.

        IFAMA guarantees placement in an appropriate team.  Placement is final.


        A Visa may be required to enter Argentina to attend the 2018 Buenos Aires conference.  Upon receiving requests, IFAMA will provide an appropriate letter of invitation to registered students (i.e., reg. fees paid) requiring a Visa. 

        It is the responsibility of the individual student to be familiar with Argentina’s Visa regulations (More Information).  IFAMA assumes no responsibility for late applicants.  Please become familiar with these regulations. 

        Email letters will be processed and emailed back weekly.  If an original letter is required, please be advised that it will be sent by regular mail, or by courier, provided a courier fee of US$ 100 is added to and paid with the registration fee.  This fee will offset the couriering costs; students are therefore invited to act early to save the need for this cost.


        1. Teams must have a faculty advisor who will be the main contact for any communication.  The advisor registers the team(s) and is responsible to pay the deposit.
        2. Teams will consist of not less than 3 and not more than 5 members.
        3. The application for registration will indicate in which segment the team wants to compete: Undergraduate (not more than 1 graduate), Intermediate (mostly teams with both undergraduate and graduate members), Advanced Graduate (not more than 1 undergraduate).   The final tracks will be contingent on actual enrollment, but IFAMA will endeavor to follow the preference indicated by the Team.
        4. Acceptance of an application will be confirmed with the faculty advisor on a first come first served base.
        5. To signify the team’s commitment and allow sufficient allocation of IFAMA support to teams, faculty advisors of accepted teams will pay a $1,000USD team deposit fee. This is separate from the Conference registration fees.  Confirmation of acceptance of the application will be sent to the Coach once this refundable deposit is received by IFAMA.
        6. Conference Registration fees for the accepted team members need to be completed nolater than May 1.  Teams who have not registered by May 1, 2017, will be excluded from the competition, their deposit forfeited, and any committed support will be allocated to other teams if appropriate. 


        December 11, 2017 - Registration opens: formal applications accepted by IFAMA
        May 1, 2018 - Deadline to register each team member for the conference, & provide final team list to IFAMA
        June 23 2018 - Team Check-In and Welcome Reception
        June 24, 2018 - Orientation, Student Case Competition Preliminaries
        June 25, 2018- Student Case Competition Final
        June 27, 2018 - Winning Teams announced during Presidential Banquet

        For exact timing of all activities please check the complete schedule available here.

        For information, please contact Dr. Francesco Braga, CEO IFAMA, via email:



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