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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association


Sustainable Food Security 2050
Disruptive Innovations: better business, management, science, government.
JUNE 23 - 27, 2018


A Visa may be required to enter Argentina to attend the 2018 Buenos Aires conference.  Upon receiving requests, IFAMA will provide an appropriate letter of invitation to registered students (i.e., reg. fees paid) requiring a Visa. 

It is the responsibility of the individual student to be familiar with Argentina’s Visa regulations (More Information).  IFAMA assumes no responsibility for late applicants.  Please become familiar with these regulations. 

Email letters will be processed and emailed back weekly.  If an original letter is required, please be advised that it will be sent by regular mail, or by courier, provided a courier fee of US$ 100 is added to and paid with the registration fee.  This fee will offset the couriering costs; students are therefore invited to act early to save the need for this cost.

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