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Costa Rica, as a leader in sustainability since the 1980's, and recently recognized as “UN Champion of the Earth,” is pleased to host the IFAMA 31st World Conference.

Costa Rica is located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, thus its ecological surroundings –forests, waters, soils, and climate –, tropical characteristics and its flora and fauna.

Its tropical climate is modified by various factors, including its geographical relief (mountains, plains, and plateaus), its position within the Central American isthmus, the influence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the existing general atmospheric circulation.

Although Costa Rica is a small territory, it has 5% of the earth's biodiversity and it's, fortunately, protected by the National System of Areas Conservation, preserving a total of 25% of the national territory.


“Technologies and digital transformation for sustainability in Agribusiness” 

Digital technologies have been introduced into the design, production, and sales processes, from robots to big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Technology enables faster innovation, search for new products, processes, new ways of communication and business growth. Technological innovations can sometimes precipitate new forms of economic organization, particularly when the new technology affords more efficient economic interactions (e.g., logistics, transportation, production, distribution) or better management and coordination. The IFAMA 2021 Conference in Costa Rica intends to share new insights on these topics from the application of novel advances in theory, methods, and context now available to scholars. 

At the macro level, the rapid evolution of digital technologies and infrastructures is creating new affordances that affect the organization of economic activity. At the inter-firm level technology and information systems open the doors to new strategic interaction among firms, yet these dynamics continue to be understudied phenomena. At the intra-firm level, we need to develop a better understanding of the actual processes, activities and structures that underlie successful implementation of digitalization process. 

We encourage scholars to share their novel perspectives while attending the IFAMA2021 conference in the beautiful Costa Rica. A section of this event will offer virtual participation.

Call for extended abstracts, full papers and teaching cases submission for oral presentation within the following conference topics: 

  • Exploring how digital technologies are affecting organizations and reshaping the agribusiness sector 
  • Multidisciplinary debate and reflection on digital transformation in agribusiness sector 
  • Digital innovation in organizations and their ecosystems 
  • Studying the intersection of the digitalization and sustainability trends 
  • Circular economy in agribusiness and the role of the technology and digitalization 
  • Finding solutions during emergencies: the role of digital technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic in the agri-food sector 

In addition, extended abstracts, full papers, and teaching cases addressing a broader set of themes are welcome. These themes include: 

  • Agribusiness strategy and value chains 
  • Food and agribusiness sector development 
  • Customer orientation and marketing 
  • Commodity price volatility and availability 
  • Food, health, security and safety issues 
  • Agribusiness education in the 21st century 
  • Entrepreneurship in agribusiness innovation 
  • New financial schemes and insurance in agribusiness 
  • Food loss and waste 
  • Environmental economics 

IFAMA accepts:

  • Extended abstracts up to 5-7 pages which must be written in English, and contain the following structure:  
    • Problem definition, context, and relevance of a paper. Provide references to key literature 
    • Methodology 
    • Key findings 
    • Implications for policymakers and/or food and agribusiness firms 
    • Conclusion 
    • References - A maximum of five literature references may be added at the end of the abstract text. 
  • Full papers and teaching cases” of up to 9,000 words – to report research that has been completed.
  • “Poster Papers” of up to 2,000 words – to propose a research idea, seek research collaboration, present a literature review, describe a research design, or report work-in-progress. 
  • Practitioner presentations – primarily focused on sharing and discussing innovation practice and experience. 

Submission accepted beginning November 1, 2020. 

Deadline for extended abstracts, full papers and teaching cases: December 15, 2020. 



Costa Rica 

Conference 2021


Call for papers

Costa Rica 

Conference 2021


Every year, IFAMA selects two award-winning papers or teaching cases. In order to participate, you have to submit an extended abstract, full paper, or teaching case by December 15, 2020If your extended abstract, full paper, or teaching case is accepted for presentation in the Conference (announcements on February 01, 2021you have until February 28, 2021, to present the final version of the full paper or teaching case.

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