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IFAMA Oceania hosted a unique food and fiber Fast Pitch competition to accelerate entrepreneurial talent in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands, 26-28 November 2021.



    Shrooms  |  Grand Final Champions

    Mrinali Kumar

    Kendall Watts

    Hannah Pattullo

    Ella Moffat

    Mindfuelness  |  Runners-Up Champions

    Sarah Carter

    Hannah Carter

    b u n s  |  Most Creative Pitch

    Nelson Harper

    Ruth Allison Palmer

    Reuben Dods

    Louis Batley

    Sam Lockwood-Geck


    Team Eugene

    Alistair St Pierre

    Phoebe Dacanay


    The Melt

    Rory Besaans

    Summer Wright

    Akashdeep Singh Beniwal

    Natalie Ahlborn

    Dian Muñoz


    Methane Busters

    Kiriana Isgrove

    Michael Lee


    IFAMA runs a well-established and successful annual global business case competition which teaches the skills, tools and techniques for business analysis, strategy, and communication.

    The IFAMA Oceania 48hr Business Start-up Competition is an opportunity to extend this event and apply those skills while creating and developing new skills for those in New Zealand and Australia.

    The purpose of the event is to provide a platform to test, develop and accelerate entrepreneurial talent across Oceania.

    Entry Fee: $50* per team

    *IFAMA members receive a $30 refund on entry fee at the conclusion of the competition, contingent on participation.


    1st place: Business Start-up Package

    • $1000.00 cash (expected to be used to support business establishment)
    • Paid New Zealand or Australia Company registration
    • Two hours mentoring session with Sprout Agritech or FoodHQ mentor

    Runner-up, Business Start-up Package

    • $250.00 cash
    • Paid New Zealand or Australia Company registration
    • Two hours mentoring session with Sprout Agritech or FoodHQ mento 

    Other Prizes*

    • Best team, best pitch, most creative idea
    • Certificate and $100 cash each

    *'Other prizes' may be adjusted at judges discretion, including the prize topic and monetary value.


    Event is hosted all virtually (on Zoom)

    Participants will be given a ‘theme’ with additional information to support ideation, however, it is not compulsory to fit the theme.

    Participants will also be provided with a ‘start-up pack’ with resources should they wish to use them, including planning sheets, frameworks, and score sheets.

    Participants will have approximately 42-45 hours before delivering their first pitch (from 10am NZ /8am Aus), and the top three-five teams will present in the final. All teams will prepare a final pitch, and finalist will be advised at 3:30pm Sunday. Pitching time will be provided in advance for first pitches, finalists are drawn one at a time.

    Competitors are not able to watch each other present.

    First pitch: 7 ½ minutes presentation, 7 ½ minutes questions

    Final pitch: 10-minute presentation, 10 minutes questions


    Friday 26-November: Event starts 4:00pm NZST / 2:00pm (AEDT)

    4:00-4:10pm Event welcome from organiser, introduction to sponsors & mentors

    4:10-4:25pm Guest presentation, KPMG Global Head of Agribusiness,

    Ian Proudfoot 'Foresight into the future of food & fibre'

    4:25-4:30pm Theme announced, and competition begins.

    4:30-5:00pm Getting started, Zoom break-out rooms with mentors.

    5:00pm Zoom call closes, groups operate independently.

    Saturday 27-November
    : Check-in 2:00pm NZST / 12:00 (AEDT)

    Mentor/Organiser 30 minute check-in.
    Teams submit compulsory work-sheets (non-assessed).

    Sunday 28-November: 
    First Pitches' begin (random allocation of time slots)

    10:30am (NZST) 08:30 (AEDT)

    3:30pm Finalists announced (via email)

    4:00pm All join competition Zoom call, finalist presenters announced, and finalist

    presentations begin (finalists in separate break-out room, all non-finalists

    able to watch)

    5:30pm Presentations from sponsors while judges tally scores.

    6:00pm Winners announced, and competition closes


    • Teams of 2-4
    • Age limit 35 (may have one dispensation per team)
    • Should be domiciled in either New Zealand, Australia, or other Pacific Nation


    First Pitches: Two judges per presentation, judging using pre-determined score cards (simple version made available to participants)

    Final Pitches: Two teams from each of New Zealand and Australia, also judging using pre-determined score cards but with additional scoring flexibility.


    IFAMA, event organisers and sponsors accept no liability related to the organisation and hosting of this event, except that required by law. Pre-organised business ideas are allowed, but not if they are associated with an already registered company. Prizes are an indication only and depend on the payment of sponsor organisations. Company registration fee is refunded on receipt of company registration only, if a company is not registered then this prize is forfeited. Criteria, guidelines and rules may be adapted at the sole discretion of the event organiser. The Judges have final decision on all prizes, the IFAMA Organiser has final decision on all other matters pertaining to the competition. Entry fee is not-refundable unless required by law. Ownership of Intellectual property remains that of the competitors, though it is up to competing teams to manage their own intellectual property between the group.


    Register now via Eventbrite.

    QUESTIONS? Send queries to Jack Keeys, IFAMA Young Board, Head Organizer:

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    “Building a talented workforce is critical to meeting the growing global demands. We are always looking for bright new talent to join DuPont Pioneer. My colleagues that accompanied me at the IFAMA conference were impressed with the caliber of participants that attended. We made some great connections with university staff, governmental officials, and of course the students!”

    Cindy Langenberg
    Sr. Human Resources Manager
    Talent Acquisition
    DuPont Pioneer

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