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    The IFAMA 2021 World Conference uses both the Whova and Airmeet software platforms to provide the full conference experience. 

    Whova manages the conference agenda, and provides livestreaming and pre-recorded video which you can access on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can peruse the sessions and create your own personal agenda, learn about the speakers, and connect with other attendees. You can get up-to-date announcements about sessions, participate in and/or start hot topic discussions, visit exhibitor booths, and engage in live polls. It is seamlessly integrated with Zoom which is used to stream the academic sessions.

    Airmeet allows you to network with colleagues, meet in small groups at virtual tables to engage, discuss, and interact with each other, or jump into 1-on1 speed-meeting networking sessions and attend live Forum sessions. For information on the Airmeet app, see our Guidelines for Airmeet page.


    A few days after you register, you will receive an email with a Whova web link dedicated to the IFAMA 2021 WorldConference. You will also receive a link to download the Whova Mobile App which is available on both IOS/Android. Whether by web browser, or by mobile app, you can then test out the platform and build up your attendee profile.

    You will not need to create an account on Whova because we will do it for you. However, if you find that you aren’t added to the event and are asked for an event invitation code when accessing the event, please email us at to receive this code directly. (Please do not share this invitation code with people who are not attendees of the event).

    Please make sure to use the same e-mail address you used during registration for both Whova and AirMeet, in order to have a seamless conference experience!


    1. Download and sign into the Whova conference platform 

    You can view the conference through Whova on either your mobile device, tablet, or on your desktop/laptop. However, you will first need to download the app on your mobile device. From there, you can log in and create your account so that Whova will work on either your mobile device or laptop.


    For viewing Whova on your desktop/laptop, we suggest that you use the Chrome browser to avoid any compatibility issues with other browsers. Go to the IFAMA Whova Event page and log in. The app will then automatically take you to the main event page.

    2. View the agenda and plan your schedule

      1. Find the Agenda tab on the side of the screen. You should see a list of sessions for that day.
      2. You can move through different days by selecting the date you want to view on the calendar at the top of the agenda
      3. Browse or search for sessions on the top bar.
      4. Once you find the session you want to access, tap on it.
      5. If the session is live, it will begin playing immediately upon entering. Otherwise, a message will indicate the scheduled start time.
      6. If the session hasn’t occurred yet, you can click Add to My Agenda to put the session on your own personal agenda.

    3. Access session videos and Q&A sessions

      1. From the agenda list, click on the session where you want to watch the stream or video. There is a green camera icon for the sessions with streaming or video.
      2. If the streaming screen directly shows up, click “Proceed” to start watching the stream. Otherwise click the “View livestream” button to open a separate streaming page to watch.
      3. Sessions are linked to Zoom live streaming available at the scheduled time. 
      4. Live Q&A panels, keynotes, and plenaries are available after each session. After the session is concluded, the full presentation along with Q&A will be available for streaming.

    4. Use session Q&A

    1. You have two options for accessing the Session Q&A, Chat and Community:
      • Option 1: You can access three tabs on the right hand side of the virtual session: Session Q&A, Chat, and Community. You can submit questions for the presenter through Session Q&A, participate in ongoing discussions with the other attendees viewing the session through Chat, and browse the Community Board function through Community
      • Option 2: You can use this function through the “Session Q&A” tab on the left hand sidebar underneath Resources.
    2. We encourage attendees to use the overall session Q&A to ask questions for the presenters at the end of the session, and to use the the dedicated paper sub-sessions to ask questions related to specific papers.
    3. Authors are notified of questions asked in their paper’s sub-session, and can answer them directly from within Whova.

    5. See who is attending the event & connect with them

    1. Click the “Attendees” tab on the left side of the screen under Main Navigation.
    2. At the top of the page, you can search attendees by keywords such as company name or title.
    3. To start a conversation, click Send Message to begin a chat.

    Join the discussion on the Community Board

    1. Click the Community tab on the side menu to the left of the screen
    2. Create a new conversation topic, or use existing topics like “Meet-ups.”
    3. Click Follow directly next to the topics on the Community Board that you want to stay up to date with. To find the topics you are following, choose between three tabs near the top of the topics list section: All Topics, Followed, and New Topics.

    Start or join a virtual meet-up

    1. Go to the Community Board, and find the board for Meet-ups.
    2. Find the meet-up you are interested in, join directly, or click into it to see more details, and then click “RSVP”
    3. When the meet-up starts, click “Join meeting room” to start chatting!


    More information about using Whova is available at the links below. Also, please see the list of questions and answers on our FAQ page.

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