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Saturday, 17 June

Transportation to Christchurch Town Hall

Buses depart from three locations:

  • Bus 1 will depart Sudima Hotel and arrive at 7:15.
  • Bus 2 will depart Hotel Give and arrive at 7:15.
  • Bus 3 will depart Breakfree at 7:10, and then pick up attendees at Ibis at 7:15 and arrive at 7:20.

Saturday, 17 June

Transportation to Lincoln University Campus

All three buses will depart from Christchurch Town Hall, 86 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central City at 07:30 and arrive at Lincoln University at 08:00.

Saturday, 17 June
08:00 - 09:00 

Lincoln University


Tea and coffee available upon arrival at the Stewart Foyer at Lincoln University

Saturday, 17 June

Lincoln University

Conference Kick-off

Vice-Chancellor, Grant Edwards kicks off the 2023 E Tipu-IFAMA World Conference by welcoming all attendees to New Zealand and the Lincoln University campus

Grant Edwards, Vice-Chancellor, Lincoln University

Nic Lees, Symposium Chair

Meike Rombach, Symposium Co-Chair

Saturday, 17 June
09:10 - 16:45

Lincoln University


09:20 - 09:30: Student Case Competition Briefing


Twenty-two teams representing universities from around the world are gathering on the campus of Lincoln University to compete in the IFAMA 18th annual International Student Case Competition.

The competition begins with the preliminary rounds on Saturday. Each team is given a specially prepared case study that provides an in-depth synopsis of a “real world” business problem. The teams have just four hours to analyze the problem, formulate a solution, and create a Power Point presentation. The teams then present their solution before a  panel of judges representing both industry and academia.

One half of the teams presenting in each of the three divisions (Undergraduate, Graduate, Early Career Professionals) from Day 1 will be invited to advance to a Finals Round on Sunday.

On Monday, June 19, two teams in each division will be showcased before the entire congress and a new set of judges, in a grand finale session at the Town Hall in Christchurch.

The winners in each division will be formally announced during the IFAMA awards ceremonies at the Presidential Banquet on Tuesday, June 20, at the Town Hall in Christchurch. 

Saturday, 17 June
15:30 - 16:05

B-Linc Seminar Room

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Teaching Case Methods Workshop

The case method is an active learning tool which helps participants assess, analyze and act upon complex business issues. Cases effectively facilitate knowledge transfer. Whether you are looking for new business strategies or curious about how to share or teach others, you are sure to find some interesting.

The Symposium and Forum will showcase two unique teaching cases and a case methods workshop that uses a Harvard-style teaching format. These sessions are hands-on and designed to stimulate group discussion. They are open to anyone interested in how they might utilize teaching cases and are willing to participate in group discussions.  A copy of the full cases to be discussed will be sent to participants who sign up in advance.


  • Bernardo Piazzardi, University of Austral (Argentina)
  • R. Brent Ross, Michigan State University (USA)

Saturday, 17 June

15:30 - 16:55

Room D5

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Part 1 — The Future of the Agribusiness Profession: Education

This workshop features a discussion of tertiary education in agribusiness, and a way forward for educators. Opportunities and constraints are to be discussed, alongside some profiling of jobs, students, subject matter, and delivery. The product is defined tasks, ways and means for agribusiness educators.


Derek Baker, Professor, University of New England, (Australia)

Saturday, 17 June

Transportation from Lincoln University

Collection from the corner Farm Rd and Engineers Rd, in Lincoln University Campus / Orchard Rd Car Park

Saturday, 17 June

Transportation to Central Christchurch

Drop-off at Christchurch Town Hall, 86 Kilmore Street, Christchurch Central City

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