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2014  |  Volume 17 A   Special Issue 

Food Demand, Diet, and Health
The Role Played by Managers of Agribusinesses

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Food Demand, Diet, and Health-The Role Played by Managers of Agribusinesses
Timothy A. Park


Simulating the Potential Effects of a Shelf-Tag Nutrition Information Program and Pricing on Diet Quality Associated with Ready-to-Eat Cereals
Biing-Hwan Lin, Joanne Guthrie, Ilya Rahkovsky, Chung-Tung Lin, and Jonq-Ying Lee

Costs of Taxing Sodium: A Lunch Meat Application
William F. Hahn and Christopher G. Davis

The Effect of Breakfast Cereals Coupons on the Nutritional Quality of Household Purchases
Joshua Berning

Understanding Consumer Preferences for Nutritious Foods: Retailing Strategies in a Food Desert
Dave D. Weatherspoon, James F. Oehmke, Marcus Coleman, and Lorraine Weatherspoon

Consumer Response to Negative Information on Meat Consumption in Germany
Anette Cordts, Achim Spiller and Sina Nitzko

Consumer’s Food Shopping Choice in Ghana: Supermarket or Traditional Outlets?
Ting Meng, Wojciech J. Florkowski, Daniel Sarpong, Anna V. A. Resurreccion and Manjeet Chinnan

Trans-Border Reformulation: US and Canadian Experiences with trans Fat
Neal H. Hooker and Shauna Downs

Fast Food Restaurant Pricing Strategies in Michigan Food Deserts
Andrea Marie Leschewski, and Dave D. Weatherspoon

Population Density, Poverty, and Food Retail Access in the United States: An Empirical Approach
Parke Wilde, Joseph Llobrera and Michele Ver Ploeg

Behavioral Economics in the School Lunchroom: Can it Affect Food Supplier Decisions? A Systematic Review
Janani R. Thapa and Conrad P. Lyford

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