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IFAMA 2020 Goes Digital has come to an end, but the fruitful conversations we facilitated are just beginning! We engaged in over 60 digital chats over the course of the conference with people from numerous diverse countries, industries, and specializations. This series of discussions were produced in partnership with our Dutch partners in lieu of hosting the IFAMA 2020 World Conference in Rotterdam which was cancelled due to the global pandemic. IFAMA wishes to thank Foodlog, the City of Rotterdam, The Rotterdam Food Cluster, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability, Inholland University, and Wageningen University for supporting IFAMA’s mission of bringing the most vital discussions to the forefront of producing safe, healthy and sustainable food for the future.


IFAMA2020-Rotterdam goes Digital
Dick Veerman

IFAMA’s 30th World Conference: Food for the Future—initially planned for June 15-18, 2020 in Rotterdam, is canceled. Instead, the organizing partners have decided to develop something even better—a digital program…

IFAMA has a significant role in discussing how to manage global food supply
Dick Veerman and Hector Laurence

IFAMA President, Hector Laurence share ideas on the changing global food system.

IFAMA has to broaden its base and involve environmentalists, scientists and medics
Dick Veerman and Professor Ray Goldberg

Ray Goldberg – one of the founders of IFAMA – looks back at 30 years of IFAMA. He coined the word 'agribusiness' to enable a systematic study of food as an ecosystem.

IFAMA is uniquely positioned to support firms in designing a stakeholder-oriented strategy
Niels Dijkman, consultant in Food and Agri

"We need to go back to the drawing table", Rabobank's Berry Marttin said earlier on the IFAMA platform. Niels Dijkman, consultant in Food and Agri, responds. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dick Veerman

IFAMA 2020 Goes Digital ends by December 31. Foodlog hosted it. The harvest has been wonderful. Four major projects grew out of it.


This Crisis Will Not Define Me
Aidan Connolly, CEO AgriTech Capital

How Covid-19 is Reshaping Business & The Businesspeople Who are Making Lemonade out of Lemons.

Berry Marttin, Rabobank: ‘We are going to create a new normal’
Dick Veerman Interviews Berry Marttin

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the food system? Is the world going to change the food system or are governments trying to go back to normalcy?

Three ways sustainable supply chains can help build better business in a COVID-19 world

Ruth Rennie, Director of Standards and Assurance at the Rainforest Alliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world in profound and unexpected ways...

Mega trends 2020 Revisited – Have the trends for the decade been changed by Covid-19?

Mary Shelman and Aidan Connolly

From Davos to Delhi, Boston to Beijing, the world’s leading food companies and agribusinesses found themselves in January 2020 at the center of various maelstroms–climate change, viral epidemics, consumer...


Universities could be the guardians of democratic society and fact based politics

Wim van den Doel

What is the role of universities with regard to the big existential challenges society faces? Wim van den Doel, Dean of LDE (Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam), shares his answer with Dick Veerman. 

Worldwide horticulture exporter Rob Baan: ‘Just don’t close one million restaurants’ 

Dick Veerman and Rob Baan

Koppert Cress and its owner Rob Baan were hit hard by Covid-19. Overnight his turnover went down by 95%. Before the Covid-19 crisis his cresses were exported all over the world, mostly from a central production...

Berry Marttin, Rabobank: ‘We need a Paris Agreement on Food’

Dick Veerman interviews Berry Marttin

In a previous interview Berry Marttin, executive member of the board of Rabobank, underlined the need to sit down together, define what we want as mankind, and take the outcome to the drawing table. He challenged the IFAMA community to...

Don’t just do nature costing, add nature profiting to balance damage   Part 2

Dick Veerman interviews Berry Marttin

Berry Marttin advocates nature costing instead of true costing. Peter van Bodegom, environmental biologist, saw the interview and needed to respond. He doesn’t agree with Marttin. Nature costing will let us...

Sustainable meat, but what about animal welfare?

Dick Veerman interviews Brad Freking, Trent Loos and Annechien ten Have

Is sustainability in the meat sector perceived the same across the pond? To answer briefly: no, there is a real divide. A Dutch and two American pig farmers agreed to disagree...

Living on a Planet is just one of the Options for the Future of Human Civilization

Bianca van der Ha interviews Angelo Vermeulen

You all know the beautiful illustrations of glass greenhouses on Mars. They make for nice images, but building greenhouses on Mars doesn’t make sense...

Post-covid nutrition: prepare for ‘heavy duty regulation’ and urban vertical farming
Dick Veerman interviews Dr. David Hughes

"I think that governments, consumers and also suppliers have become increasingly much more aware of safe food and security. And so for highly perishable products...

Kristian Moeller on food chain transparency: a question of good governance

Anselm Elles, Managing Partner of AFC Consulting Group, Germany

Organizing transparency in food chains is no longer a question of technologies. They are available and widely tested. A growing number of IT solution providers are...

Cooking and Sharing Food improves Crew Cohesion in Space

Bianca van der Ha interviews Angelo Vermeulen

“Space food has its own challenges. You don’t want to take a freezer into space. You need shelf stable ingredients. It’s a challenge to make food in space that tastes good and contains enough vitamins”...

In space and in farming, every molecule counts!

Bianca van der Ha interviews Angelo Vermeulen

Let’s talk about space! Why, space? Well, food production, like horticulture, can learn a lot from space exploration and the concept of living in space. And vice versa. That’s why we will...

It's the free market food chain, stupid - but farmers must be able to catch up

Panel discussion

What explains – from a historical perspective – the innovation and yield per unit push in the Netherlands? That is the main question of IFAMA’s story line 'Dutch Agri'

Exploring Natural Capital Accounting

Koos Biesmeijer and Peter van Bodegom

Professors Koos Biesmeijer and Peter van Bodegom explain natural capital accounting and chat with Foodlog founder Dick Veerman about the importance of accounting for value in nature, even if it isn't monetary.


Niek Koning: ‘The competitive advantage of Dutch farmers is eroding’

What explains – from a historical perspective – the innovation and yield per unit push in the Netherlands? That is the main question of IFAMA’s story line Dutch Agri. The first person to share his perspective is Niek Koning, Food Policy Analyst...

Dutch Horticulture should provide for local food and global expertise

Adri Bom-Lemstra, president of Greenport West Holland and Woody Maijers

What does the future of the Dutch Horticulture cluster look like? Adri Bom-Lemstra, president of Greenport West Holland, provides her view: expertise should be the Netherland's most important export...

Adri Bom: ‘Sharing horticulture expertise in Europe will match Timmermans’ Green Deal perfectly’

Dick Veerman Interviews Adri Bom-Lemstra

Adri Bom-Lemstra is the chair of Greenport West-Holland. She is possitive about the Green Deal and what it can do for Horticulture. The Dutch modus operandi fits the European ambitions perfectly....

Get your act together, then export the Netherlands’ food system

Dick Veerman interviews Rob Baan

"Integrate health, horticulture, agriculture, ecology, and energy. Redesign the whole food system and create shared value on all aspects." That true triple helix is what worldwide horticulture exporter Rob Baan firmly believes in. He is critical of...

Horticulture and Space Travel can learn from each other

Bianca van der Ha interviews Angelo Vermeulen

Let’s talk about space! Why, space? Well, food production, like horticulture, can learn a lot from space exploration and the concept of living in space. And vice versa. That’s why we will present a short series on...

Dutch horticulture as a remotely operated glocal multinational

Dick Veerman interviews David Hughes


Can Artificial Intelligence be the food system’s savior?

Aidan Connolly

Rarely has a crisis accelerated the adoption of a technology in the manner that is occurring today with artificial intelligence (AI) in the food industry. The business of selling food to consumers is being disrupted to a degree not seen since the...

Efficient systems and supply chains aren’t necessarily very resilient

Dick Veerman, Tiffany Tsui, Aidan Connolly and Mary Shelman

Digitalization creates value in the whole food chain. While China is way ahead of Western countries in middle and front end e-commerce, the worldwide agri industry needs to start adopting technology to...

Chinese agriculture needs to follow up on the consumer’s digital revolution

Dick Veerman interviews Tiffany Tsui

What is the state of digitalization in China? What could we learn from China? What could China learn form Western countries? Dick Veerman asked Tiffany Tsui (Springtide Consultancy). Digitalization can provide trust, a big issue in food in China....

Major benefits of digitalization when reinventing agri industry

Mary Shelman, Aiden Connolly, Tiffany Tsui

For the first panel on digitalization Dick Veerman spoke with Tiffany Tsui (Springtide Consultancy), Mary Shelman (Mary Shelman Group) and Aidan Connolly (AgriTech Capital).

Chinese agriculture needs to follow up on the consumer's digital revolution

Tiffany Tsui

Dick Veerman interviews Tiffany Tsui (Springtide Consultancy) about digitalization and digitization in China. What can we learn?


Dr. Agbugba: ‘COVID-19 Pandemic has reaffirmed the need to develop Nigeria’s agriculture sector’

Solomon Oladipupo (Assistant Editor with AgroNigeria) interviews Dr. Ikechi Agbugba about the impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Nigeria’s agriculture sector and the realities facing her economy. Dr. Ikechi Agbugba is an...

Africa needs to develop both its agriculture and food processing industry

Dick Veerman interviews Dr Ikechi Agbugba from Nigeria has featured a number of times already on this platform. He stresses the importance of developing professional agriculture in Africa, especially since cheap oil and Covid-19 are laying bare the vulnerability of...

Food distribution within Africa harder than export to Europe and Americas

Ehime Alex interviews Dr. Ikechi Agbugba

In Africa, food security is a major problem, despite the projection that the continent can feed the nine billion people that will inhabit the planet by 2050. In this interview with Ehime Alex, the International Coordinator, Africa Agriculture Agenda,...

The entrepreneurial tribe: the answer to achieving food sovereignty in Africa?

Otto Kroesen

In this chat with Foodlog founder Dick Veerman, Dr. Otto Kroesen introduces and explains the concept of tribal entrepreneurship..

Rebranding Africa

Ikechi Agbugba and Paul Womango

In this Global Dialogue facilitated by Osiri University, Dr. Ikechi Agbugba and Paul Womango discuss African tourism and agriculture.

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