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IFAMA currently has active chapters in Africa, Europe  and the US Mid-West.

IFAMA by-laws provide for the formation of IFAMA Chapters. Local IFAMA Chapters are designed for cities, such as Atlanta or Munich or Johannesburg, not for states, provinces, or countries. Local IFAMA Chapters can also be established for a University or Company.

Local IFAMA Chapters have a number of benefits to members and to IFAMA as a whole.

  • Establish a strong local membership base that can discuss food and agribusiness issues that are important locally
  • Provide a forum for IFAMA members to interact locally throughout the year
  • Receive information on global food and agribusiness issues in a timely manner for discussion.
  • Issues and discussions can be communicated to IFAMA and can be included in the programs for Special Seminars, Regional,Conferences, or the Annual World Conference.
  • Provide a mechanism to recruit members and market IFAMA products.
  • Permit IFAMA to expand its educational mission and purpose
  • Provide a valuable communication link with members and prospective members
  • Provide a source of volunteers that would assist in the implementation of programs and activities
  • Located in cities, universities, or companies
  • Have local participants from industry, academia, government, students and others
  • Financed from local dues or other local sources
  • Monthly, or at least quarterly, meeting with refreshments and dinner on a cash basis
  • Report on monthly meetings to IFAMA
  • Local Chapter members must be members of IFAMA

The intent of the local chapters is to discuss issues important to the local city or region, issues of national or global importance, or issues the local chapter would like to have discussed at broader IFAMA functions. 

 If you are interested in forming a Local IFAMA Chapter, contact 

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