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2017  |  VOLUME 20 ISSUE 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Editorial Staff  

Executive Editor Introduction

The responsibility of global agribusiness: consequences for agribusiness research    
Gerhard Schiefer (pp. 1-3)


Business models for maximising the diffusion of technological innovations for climate-smart agriculture
Thomas B. Long, Vincent Blok, Kim Poldner  (pp. 5 –23)

Keywords: business models for sustainable innovation, business models for sustainability, business model canvas, Europe, new technology based firms, technological innovations

Assessment of socio-economic configuration of value chains: a proposed analysis framework to facilitate integration of small rural producers with global agribusiness 
Miguel Arato, Stijn Speelman, Joost Dessein, Guido van Huylenbroeck  (pp. 25 –43)

Keywords: socio-economic analysis, agribusiness, value chain, Rural Web, sustainability, rural development, Mexico

The supply chain of Brazilian maize and soybeans: the effects of segregation on logistics and competitiveness
Andréa L.R. de Oliveira, Augusto M. Alvim  (pp. 45 –61)

Keywords: agricultural logistics, partial equilibrium models, international agreements, biotechnology

Predicting grower choices in a regulated environment 
Juan S. Castillo-Valero, Mercedes Sánchez-García, Mari Carmen García-Cortijo (pp. 63 –84)

Keywords: agricultural policy, CMO, producer decisions, vineyard

An application of activity-based costing in the chicken processing industry: a case of joint products 
Panravee Kabinlapat, Siriluck Sutthachai (pp. 85 –97)

Keywords: process manufacturing, activity-based costing, ABC, agribusiness, food company

Food safety as a field in supply chain management studies: a systematic literature review
Daniel P. Auler, Rafael Teixeira, Vinícius Nardi   (pp. 99 –112)

Keywords: supply chain management, food safety, systematic literature review

Food scare crisis: the effect on Serbian dairy market 
Rade Popovic, Boris Radovanov, James W. Dunn (pp. 113 –127)

Keywords: food crisis, aflatoxin M1, milk market, spatial price transmission, Serbia

Food safety and food imports in Europe: the risk of aflatoxins in pistachios
Bo Xiong  (pp. 129 –141)

Keywords: pistachio, tree nut, aflatoxin, food safety, trade

Territory, environment, and healthiness in traditional food choices: insights into consumer heterogeneity 
Fabio Boncinelli, Caterina Contini, Caterina Romano, Gabriele Scozzafava, Leonardo Casini  (pp. 143 –157)

Keywords: credence attributes, latent class model, extra-virgin olive oil, consumer profiling

Investigating the impact of maximum residue limit standards on the vegetable trade in Japan 
Jong Woo Choi, Chengyan Yue (pp. 159 –173)

Keywords: food safety, Japan, MRL, pesticides, vegetable

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