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Agroholdings and Mega Farms in a Global Context

Editorial Staff  

Editor's Introduction

The emergence and proliferation of agroholdings and mega farms in a global context

Frans L.P. Hermans, Fabio R. Chaddad, Taras Gagalyuk, Sebastián Senesi, Alfons Balmann (pp. 175–186)
Keywords: agroholdings, mega farms, integration, farm size

Industry Speaks

Australian agricultural scale and corporate agroholdings: environmental and climatic impacts
Bradley Plunkett, Andrew Duff, Ross Kingwell, David Feldman (pp. 187–19)

Keywords: climatic variability, large scale agroholdings

Review Article

Scale farming operations in China
Zuhui Huang, Lijun Guan, Shaosheng Jin (pp. 191–200)

Keywords: China, scale farming operation, farmland transfer, agricultural service

Case Study

Agency costs and organizational architecture of large corporate farms: evidence from Brazil
Fabio Chaddad, Vladislav Valentinov (pp. 201–220)

Keywords: corporate farms, separation of ownership and control, organizational architecture, corporate governance

Review Article

Ownership versus management: the role of farming networks in Argentina
Sebastián I. Senesi, Marcos F. Daziano, Fabio R. Chaddad, Hernán Palau (pp. 221–238)

Keywords: hybrid forms, agroholdings, innovation, institutions, adaptation

Research Article

Incentive provision to farm workers in post-socialist settings: evidence from East Germany and North Kazakhstan 
Martin Petrick  (pp. 239–256)

Keywords: human resource management, labour supervision, performance pay, post-Soviet agriculture, agroholdings

Review Article

Strategic role of corporate transparency: the case of Ukrainian agroholdings

Taras Gagalyuk (pp. 257–278)

Keywords: corporate transparency, agroholdings, ownership structure, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility

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