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Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs

Program Description

Stellenbosch University’s Agricultural Economics Department is known for graduating students trained in policy, agribusiness value chains and agribusiness and farm management. We pride ourselves in graduating students ready to be employed by the private or public sector in the food and agriculture environment. To this end, we have two programs for undergraduate studies available: a four-year BScAgric degree and a three-year BAgric degree. Within these two categories, we offer specific programs focusing on management, science, economic analysis, or a combination thereof.

    • BAgric Agri-business Management
    • BScAgric Agricultural Economic Analysis
    • BScAgric Agricultural Economic Analysis and Management
    • BScAgric Agricultural Economic Analysis and Management with Food Science
    • BScAgric Agricultural Economics with Food Science

All degrees require two majors, and the options here differ. The BScAgric students can major in animal or plant production and agricultural economics, and the BAgric students can major in accounting, financial or business management, or economic and agricultural economics. In each of these programs, at every level of study, students follow modules that focus on agribusiness finance and management.

At the postgraduate level we continue to develop our students’ economics and business acumen through postgraduate degrees that offer a combination of training and research. We offer the following:

    • BAgricHons Agri-business Management
    • MAgric Agri-business Management
    • MScAgric Agricultural Economics and Management
    • PhD Agricultural Economics and Management


Program Website

Contact Person

Mrs Elizabeth von Wechmar – Administrative Officer


Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

Contact Phone Number

+27 21 808 4758

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