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2016  |  VOLUME 19 ISSUE 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Can a Multi-Level Label do Better than a Binary Label for Animal Welfare? A PLS-Analysis of Consumer Satisfaction
Ramona Weinrich and Achim Spiller
*2016 IFAMA–WICaNeM–Symposium Best Paper Award Winner–First Place

Understanding Coffee Certification Dynamics: A Spatial Analysis of Voluntary Sustainability Standard Proliferation
Janina Grabs, Bernard Kilian, Daniel Calderón Hernández, and Thomas Dietz
2016 IFAMA-WICaNeM– Symposium Best Paper Award Winner–Relevance to Managers

Farmers’ Perceptions of Building Trust
Claire Newman and Brian C. Briggeman
2016 IFAMA–WICaNeM– Symposium Best Paper – Finalist

External Knowledge Sources as Drivers for Cross-Industry Innovation in the Italian Food Sector: Does Company Size Matter?
Stefano Ciliberti, Laura Carraresi , and Stefanie Bröring
2016 IFAMA–WICaNeM– Symposium Best Paper– Finalist

The Role of Conflict in Farmers’ Crop Choices in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo Imports
Shahriar Kibriya, Graham Savio, Edwin Price, and Joseph King
2016 IFAMA–WICaNeM– Symposium Best Paper – Finalist

A Segmented Hedonic Analysis of the Nutritional Composition of Fruit Beverages
Andrea Leschewski, Dave D. Weatherspoon, and Annemarie Kuhns
2016 IFAMA–WICaNeM– Symposium Best Paper – Finalist

Consumer Expectations Regarding Sustainable Food: Insights from Developed and Emerging Markets
Katia Laura Sidali, Achim Spiller, and Marie von Meyer-Höfer

Journal Lists: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis   Author Video**
David D. Van Fleet and Roger W. Hutt

Private vs Collective Wine Reputation
Francesco Caracciolo, Mario D’Amico, Giuseppe Di Vita, Eugenio Pomarici, Andrea Dal Bianco, and Luigi Cembalo

Food Value Chains: Social Networks and Knowledge Transfer in a Brazilian Halal Poultry Network   Author Video**
Flavio Romero Macau, Julio Araujo Carneiro da Cunha, Nawfal Assa Mossa Alssabak , and Leandro Januario Souza

Evaluating Strategies for Honey Value Chains in Brazil using a Value Chain Structure-Conduct-Performance (SCP) Framework
Hugo Santana de Figueiredo Junior, Miranda P. M. Meuwissen, Jair do Amaral Filho, and Alfons G. J. M. Oude Lansink

Case Study

Slaughterhouse in Southeastern Afghanistan: A Public-Private Partnership
Cheryl Wachenheim

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