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2010  |  Volume 13 Issue 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Editor's Note

Editorial Team


Trade Liberalizing Impacts of NAFTA in Sugar: Global Implications

Ronald D. Knutson, Patrick Westhoff, and Pablo Sherwell
IFAMA Symposium, June 2010 - Best Paper Award, Communication

Brand Information Mitigating Negative Shocks on Animal Welfare: Is It More Effective to 'Distract' Consumers or Make Them Aware?

Domenico Dentoni, Glynn T. Tonsor, Roger Calantone, and H. Christopher Peterson
IFAMA Symposium, June 2010 - Best Paper Award, Innovation

Hedonic Analysis of Sustainable Food Products

Thasanee Satimanon and Dave D. Weatherspoon
IFAMA Symposium, June 2010 - Best Paper Award, Conference Theme - Navigating the Global Food System in a New Era

Risk - An Opportunity or Threat for Entrepreneurial Farmers in the Global Food Market?

Nicola Mary Shadbolt, Femi Olubode-Awasola, David Gray, and Elizabeth Dooley

Consumer Preferences for Imported Kona Coffee in South India: A Latent Class Analysis

Jyotsna Krishnakumar and Catherine Chan-Halbrendt

Global Food Production under Alternative Scenarios

Ellen Huan-Niemi, Janne Niemi, and Jyrki Niemi

Ethanol Marketing and Input Procurement Practices of U.S. Ethanol Producers: 2008 Survey Results

Timothy J. Schmidgall, Kerry W. Tudor, Aslihan D. Spaulding and J. Randy Winter

Case Studies

A Guatemalan Soycow Cooperative: Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts?

Meredith Blumthal, Eric T. Micheels, Nicholas D. Paulson, and Rhett C. Farrell
**Teaching Notes Available on Request

UNICA: Challenges to Deliver Sustainability in the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry

Fabio R. Chaddad 
**Teaching Notes Available on Request

Bánffi Soda Limited Partnership

Imola Kisérdi-Palló and Gregory A. Baker 
**Teaching Notes Available on Request

Executive Interview

Reconfiguring Supply Schemes in the Cocoa Value Chain: Organic Chocolate from Honduras for the Swiss Market

Anton von Weissenfluh, CEO, Chocolats Halba, Switzerland
By Ingrid Fromm

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