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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

2005 | VOLUME 8 ISSUE 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Executive Summaries


New Product Development in Thai Agro-Industry: Explaining the Ratesof Innovation and Success in Innovation

Pisit Dhamvithee, Bhavani Shankar, Anuvat Jangchud and Phaisarn Wuttijumnong

Policies and Measures for Multifunctional Agriculture: Experts’ Insight

Kyösti Arovuori and Jukka Kola

Farmers of the Future: Market Segmentation and Buying Behavior

Michael Boehlje, Todd Doehring and Steve Sonka

Case Study

Veggies 4U’s Energy Pricing Dilemma

Francesco Braga
Teaching Notes Available Upon Request

Research Case

Managing Labor on Dairy Farms: A Resource-Based Perspective with Evidence from Case Studies

Amin W. Mugera and Vera Bitsch

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