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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

2003 | Volume 6 Issue 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Executive Summaries


Country-of-Origin Labeling for Uruguayan Beef
Lautaro Perez, Michael Boland, and Ted Schroeder

Canadian Consumer's Willingness-To-Pay For Presticide Free Food Products: An Ordered Probit Analysis
J. A. L. Cranfield and Erik Magnusson

Marketing Oregon Grass Seed in China: A Two-Decade View
Catherine A. Durham, Aaron J. Johnson, and Esteban Vega-H

Agribusiness Capstone Courses Design: Objectives and Strategies
Charles R. Hall, Gary F. Fairchild, Gregory A. Baker, Timothy G. Taylor, and Kerry K. Litzenberg

Factors Affecting International Mergers and Acquisitions
Michael Reed, Ashfaqul Babool

RISE, a Tool for Holistic Sustainability Assessment at the Farm Level
Fritz Hani, Francesco Braga, Andreas Stampfli, Thomas Keller, Matthew Fischer, and Hans Porsche

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