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2001  |  Volume 4  Issue 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Editor Note
S. A. Starbird
IAMA World Food and Agribusiness Symposium: Outstanding Selected Papers 2001, Sydney, Australia

Executive Summaries


The Market for Genetically Modified Foods: Consumer Characteristics and Policy Implications
Gregory A. Baker and Thomas A. Burnham

Measuring the Impact of Generic Promotions of U.S. Beef: An Application of Double-Hurdle and Time Series Models
Ronald W. Ward, Wanki Moon and Sara Medina

Influence of Brand Name and Type of Modification on Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Engineered Corn Chips: A Preliminary Analysis
Jayson L. Lusk, Melissa Moore, Lisa O. House and Bert Morrow

Quality Signals in Wine Marketing: The Role of Exhibition Awards
U.R. Orth and P. Krska

Environmental Supply Chain Management: Using Life Cycle Assessment to Structure Supply Chains
Geoffrey J. L. F. Hagelaar and Jack G. A. J. van der Vorst

The Rise of Private Food Quality and Safety Standards: Illustrations from Brazil
Thomas Reardon and Elizabeth Farina

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