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Symposium Welcome

SYMPOSIUM CHAIR: Maria Carmela Annosi ,Senior Assistant Professor of Innovation Management and Organizational Behavior at the School of Social Sciences, Wageningen University, Netherlands

IFAMA 2021 Symposium Chair, Maria Annosi kicks off the Academic Research Symposium which features 50 presenters and academic research that can be viewed on-demand through the Conference App Whova.

Keynote: Transforming the Global Agriculture and Food System Through Innovation

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Sunny Verghese, Olam International

MODERATOR: Mary Shelman, Shelman Group

Olam International, one of the world's leading food and agribusiness companies, sources from 5 million farmers, the majority of which are smallholders in Africa and Asia. Globally recognized as a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability, in 2018 Verghese re-centered Olam around a new purpose of reimagining the global agriculture and food system to achieve three outcomes: prosperous farmers and foods systems; thriving communities, and re-generation of the living world. In the opening session of IFAMA's 2021 Global Forum, Sunny will share his vision of a thriving and sustainable global food system, the actions it will take to achieve this, and the role IFAMA and its members can play.

Own Your Carbon Footprint with Olam's Free App, ADVA

Welcome to Forum Day 1 (Oceania-Asia)

REGIONAL EMCEE: Nicola Shadbolt, Professor of Farm & Agribusiness Management, Massey University

Nicola Shadbolt serves as the Regional Emcee for the Forum Day 1 as she kicks off  the IFAMA 2021 World conference from New Zealand, Australia, and Asia.

I'll Leave That to my Accountant—Improving the Performance of Natural Capital in Farming and Food Systems

MODERATOR: Jack Keeys, Agri-Food Research & Insights Analyst at KPMG, New Zealand

PANELISTS: Prem Maan, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Southern Pastures, New Zealand

Dana Muir, Head of Natural Capital, BNZ, New Zealand

Bert Glover, Managing Director, Impact Ag Partners, Australia

Derek Baker, Professor, UNE Business School, Australia

This session will explore how both large and small ag sector stakeholders can benefit from using information to measure social and environmental variables in sustainable development? Several leading food and agribusiness firms develop strategy that clearly connects to the FAO Sustainable Development Goals, some also highlighting more specific local challenges. Panelists will provide examples of how they have positioned their businesses to capture the benefits of such corporate responsibility, both for themselves and for the globe at large.

It's in the Genes—Plants and Animals Bred to Provide Resilient Food Systems

MODERATOR: Damien Thomson, Economist, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, Australia

PANELISTS: Kendra Armstrong, Consultant, AbacusBio, USA
Kim Ngoc Quang, Founder, Kim Hoang Company, Vietnam  
Richard Spelman, Chief Scientist, LIC, New Zealand 
Suzanne Rowe, Senior Scientist, AgResearch, New Zealand 

New breeds and seeds are driving productivity in our increasingly controlled production systems and supply chains. They are also displacing traditional genetics causing entire breeds and varieties to disappear—many of which had been specially adapted to specific environments and social functions. As we increasingly target resilient food systems, and robust social and business models to support the agribusiness if the future, where does genetics fit?

Please note: Unfortunately, Kim Ngoc Quang experienced some connectivity and technical issues during the session. However, you will find his PowerPoint presentation available for viewing here.

Feeding the World 2050—Contributions of Large and Smallholder Farmers

MODERATOR: Derek Baker, Professor, UNE Business School, Australia

PANELISTS: Lastiana Yuliandari, Founder and Director, Aliet Green, Indonesia

Yudi Noor, Chairman, Committee on Livestock Industry, Indonesia

Zenal Asikin, Researcher, University of New England, Australia

Yair Volovitz, Independent Consultant, Licorice Extract LLC

Bo Lei, Vice Chairman, Techlex, China

Song Hu, Agribusiness Consultant, China

Farmers, large and small, are the custodians of the natural and social environment in rural areas and are facing new opportunities and constraints in serving an increasingly urban consumer base. Lack of internet access, vulnerability to natural disasters and a host of other challenges are tackled quite differently by these two cohorts. This session looks are what is being achieved and we ask: What can agribusiness do?

Case Methods Workshop—Best Practices

SPEAKERS: Brent Ross, Associate Professor of Food and Agribusiness Management, Michigan State University, USA

Bernardo Piazzardi, Professor, Center for Food & Agribusiness, Austral University, Argentina

Rocio Reina Paniagua, Professor, San Telmo Business School, Spain

The case method is an active learning tool that helps participants assess, analyze, and act upon complex business issues. This popular session features a Roundtable discussion on writing and teaching online case studies. Cases are utilized to effectively facilitate knowledge transfer and problem-solving. Whether you are looking for new business strategies or curious about how to share or teach others, you will find this session useful.

IFAMA Young Board Networking Session

MODERATORS: IFAMA Young Board Members
SPEAKERS: Elizabeth Cooper, Talent Acquisition, Syngenta
Aaron Tepperman, Global Partnerships Manager, Value Chain Development, Bayer Crop Science

This session gave conference attendees an opportunity to learn more about the Young Board's mission, hear about talent development programs at  Syngenta and Bayer, and connect with other Young Professionals, regionally.

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