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2015  |  Volume 18-A | Special Issue

Factors Influencing Global Poultry Trade 

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Factors Influencing Global Poultry Trade
Christopher G. Davis 

North America 

Factors Influencing U.S Poultry Exports 
Renan Zhuang and Toby Moore 

Factors Influencing Export Value Recovery after Highly Pathogenic Disease Outbreaks
Kamina K. Johnson, Amy D. Hagerman, and Jada M. Thompson

US Domestic Salmonella Regulations and Access to European and Other Poultry Export Markets
Michael Ollinger and Fawzi A. Taha

What's Driving U.S Broiler Farm Profitability?
Richard Nehring, Jeffrey Gillespie, Ani L. Katchova, Charlie Hallahan, J. Michael Harris, and Ken Erickson

Pricing-to-Market and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the U.S Broiler Meat Export Market
Sung C. No, Christopher G. Davis, and David Harvey

Georgia's Poultry Industry and Its Impact on the Local Economy and Global Trade
Sandford D. Bishop, Jr, Nathaniel L. Tablante, Michael Reed, Namrata Kolla, and Maxwell Gigle


Shocks to a Trading System: Korean and Japanese Poultry Trade and Avian Influenza 
Christopher G. Davis and John Dyck

Supplying China's Growing Appetite for Poultry
Chaoping Xie and Mary A. Marchant 

Effects of Rising Feed and Labor Costs on China’s Chicken Price
Fred Gale and Carlos Arnade    

India’s Poultry Revolution: Implications for its Sustenance and the Global Poultry Trade 
Jon Hellin, Vijesh V. Krishna, Olaf Erenstein and Christian Boeber


Factors Driving South African Poultry and Meat Imports 
Fawzi A. Taha and William F. Hahn

Can Mastitis ‘Contaminate’ Poultry? Evidence on the Transmission of Volatility between Poultry and Other Commodity Prices
Mohammadou Nourou

The Poultry Market in Nigeria: Market Structures and Potential for Investment in the Market 
Heinke Heise, Alexandra Crisan and Ludwig Theuvsen  


HPAI Impact on EU-27’s Import Demand for Cooked and Uncooked Poultry and Other Meats
Fawzi A. Taha and William F. Hahn

The Caribbean

To Have or Not to Have the Common External Tariff: The CARICOM Countries Conundrum
Lurleen M. Walters, David Harvey, and Keithly G. Jones

South America

Brazil’s Broiler Industry: Increasing Efficiency and Trade
Constanza Valdes, Charlie Hallahan, and David Harvey

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