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2004  |  Volume 7  Issue 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Executive Summaries


Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Foods in Emerging Markets:The Impact of Labeling in Taiwan

Pierre Ganiere, Wen Chern, David Hahn and Fu-Sung Chiang

Can the Private Sector Be Competitive and Contribute to Development Through Sustainable Agricultural Business? A Case Study of Coffee in Latin America

Bernard Kilian, Lawrence Pratt, Connie Jones and Andrés Villalobos

Identification of Niche Market for Hanwoo Beef: Understanding Korean Consumer Preference For Beef Using Market Segment Analysis

Renee Kim and Milton Boyd

Case Studies

California Strawberry Production and Methyl Bromide

IFAMR Case Number 7.3.A
Gregory A. Baker
Teaching Notes Provided Upon Request

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

IFAMR Case Number 7.3.B
Marv Painter
Teaching Notes Provided Upon Request

A Local Cooperative's Financial and Strategic Analysis of the Evaluation of Potential Merger Partners

IFAMR Case Number 7.3.C
Joan Fulton, Susan Hine, Jennifer Vandeburg and Kevin McNamara
Teaching Notes Provided Upon Request

Industry Speaks

Traceability and Assurance Protocols in the Global Food System

Arsen Poghosyan, Francisco Gonzalez-Diaz and Yuliya Bolotova

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