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2023  |  VOLUME 26 ISSUE 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Review Articles

Trust in agri-food value chains: a systematic review

Jasper R. de Vries, James A. Turner, Susanna Finlay-Smits, Alyssa Ryan, Laurens Klerkx, pp. 175–197

Keywords: trust, agriculture, food, value chain, review

Reducing food waste from social innovation perspective: a review of measures, research gaps and future directions

Guoqing Zhao, Shaofeng Liu, Yi Wang, Carmen Lopez, Aira Ong, Xiaoning Chen, pp. 199–223

Keywords: social innovation, food waste reduction, systematic literature review, agri-food supply chains 

Research Articles

Global traders and the integration of Chile and Mexico into the configuration of the global value chain of berries

María Guadalupe González-Ramírez, Vinicio Horacio Santoyo-Cortés, José Jaime Arana-Coronado, Manrrubio Muñoz-Rodríguez, Nadia Albis-Salas, pp. 225–241

Keywords: global strategy, global value chain, trading companies, governance, berries 

Promoting global well-being through fairtrade food: the role of international exposure

Fred A. Yamoah, David Eshun Yawson, pp. 243–265

Keywords: social preference, international exposure, global reference group, ethical products, fairtrade food

Strategic business decisions of retailers in the edible insect value chain in Uganda

Emmanuel Donkor, Robert Mbeche, Dagmar Mithöfer, pp. 267–285

Keywords: edible insects, market development, strategic business decisions, supply chain management, traditional food retailing, procurement strategy 

How has the new round of farmland certification in China affected farmers’ economic welfare?

Dan Yang, Xiaoli Wang, Yu Tang, Zimin Liu, Xiaohua Yu, pp. 287–308

Keywords: farmland certification programme, farmers’ economic welfare, endogenous switching regression model, endogenous switching probit model

Hometown effect on consumer preferences for food products

Hideo Aizaki, Kazuo Sato, Tomoaki Nakatani, pp. 309–3234

Keywords: consumer valuation, contingent valuation, hometown value, local food, region of origin

Agricultural support and spatial price transmission: evidence from China’s maize sector

Jiawu Dai, Yuchen Feng, Yan Wang, Xiuqing Wang, pp. 325–340

Keywords: price distortion, temporary purchase and storage policy, price transmission, spatial econometrics 

Case Studies

Geo Biogas & Tech: leading sustainable energy transition in Brazil through biogas business

Leticia Franco Martinez, Marcos Fava Neves, Beatriz Papa Casagrande, Gabriel de Oliveira Teixeira, Vinicius Cambaúva, Daniel Bocca Mancini, pp. 341–3543

Keywords: climate change, biogas, renewable alternatives, sustainability

Techlex: a corporate practice to initiate inclusive agri-food value chain development in China

Yunyi Zhou, Song Hu, Kevin Z. Chen, pp. 355–371

Keywords: Techlex, agribusiness, value chain development, contract farming, vertical coordination

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