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2011  |  Volume 14 Issue 2 

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Editorial Team            
Executive Editor Note

Special Supplement: Analyzing Bio-based Industries

Guest Editor Introduction
Eric Micheels

The Increasing Multifunctionality of Agricultural Raw Materials: Three Dilemmas for Innovation and Adoption    
Michael Boehlje and Stefanie Bröring

Innovativeness and Innovation: Implications for the Renewable Materials Supply Chain    
Joshua D. Detre, Aaron J. Johnson, and Allan W. Gray

Supply Chains for Emerging Renewable Polymers: Analysis of Interactive Sectors and Complementary Assets   
Thomas L. Sporleder, Peter D. Goldsmith, Jean Cordier, and Philippe Godin


Agricultural Value Chains in Developing Countries: A Framework for Analysis

Jacques Trienekens

Strategic Group Analysis of U.S. Food Businesses Using the Two-step Clustering Method

Aaron J. Johnson, Heather C. Johnson, Stephen Devadoss and John Foltz

Determinants of Willingness to Purchase Organic Food: An Exploratory Study Using Structural Equation Modeling

Jan P. Voon, Kwang Sing Ngui and Anand Agrawal

Consumer Preferences for Fruit and Vegetables with Credence-Based Attributes: A Review

Riccarda Moser, Roberta Rafaelli and Dawn Thilmany-McFadden                                              

Industry Commentary

The Nature of Agribusiness Management Research

Daniel Conforte

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