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2021  |  VOLUME 24 ISSUE 5

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Review Article

European private food safety standards in global agri-food supply chains: a systematic review

Madhura Rao, Aalt Bast, Alie de Boer, pp. 739–754

Keywords: private standards, GlobalGAP, BRC, food safety, retail

Research Articles

Enhancing the adoption of climate-smart technologies using public-private partnerships: lessons from the WEMA case in South Africa

Mmapatla Precious Senyolo, Thomas B. Long, Onno Omta, pp. 755–776

Keywords: climate-smart agriculture technological innovations, public-private partnerships, water efficient maize for Africa, technology adoption, smallholder farmers

Determinants of product innovation in food and agribusiness small and medium enterprises: evidence from enterprise survey data of India

Jabir Ali, Michael R. Reed, Sayed H. Saghaian, pp. 777–796

Keywords: product, innovation, food and agribusiness, SMEs, India


Agricultural loan delinquency prediction using machine learning methods

Jian Chen, Ani L. Katchova, Chenxi Zhou, pp. 797–812

Keywords: agricultural credit, forecasting, machine learning, logistic regression


Members of cooperatives: more heterogeneous, less satisfied?

Jasper Grashuis, Michael Lee Cook, pp. 813–825

Keywords: member heterogeneity, agricultural cooperative, producer organization, structural equation modeling, member satisfaction


Unlocking employee’s green behavior in fertilizer industry: the role of green HRM practices and psychological ownership

Muhammad Waqas, Farzan Yahya, Ammar Ahmed, Yasir Rasool, Li Hongbo, pp. 827–843

Keywords: employee green behavior, green HRM, psychological ownership, ability-motivation-opportunity theory, PLS-SEM


Building consumer trust in online food marketplaces: the role of WeChat marketing

Si Tan, Weiping Chen, pp. 845–862

Keywords: consumer trust, WeChat marketing, information quality, presence, online food marketplaces


Understanding the low use rate of food nutrition information in China

Lijun Guan, Yan Zhang, Shaosheng Jin, Lin Zhou, pp. 863–876

Keywords: nutritional information, label scheme, ignorance, attitudes, China

Case Studies

The downfall of Transmar Cocoa

Ryan Feuz, Joseph Montoya, pp. 877–885

Keywords: ethics, cocoa supply, commodity trading, borrowing base

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.: stock price estimation in the midst of pandemic

Carlos Omar Trejo-Pech, Susan White, pp. 887–900

Keywords: agribusiness finance, investment finance, equity valuation, cage-free eggs, teaching case study

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