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2021  |  VOLUME 25 ISSUE 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Impact of buyers’ support on farmer performance and investments in the Brazilian pork supply chain

Franco Müller Martins, Jacques Trienekens, Onno Omta, pp. 1–19

Keywords: Brazil, contracts, coordination, pork chain, performance 

Audit quality and the cost of debt in private firms: evidence from the Brazilian sugarcane industry

Aviner Augusto Silva Manoel, Marcelo Botelho da Costa Moraes, David Ferreira Lopes Santos, Gabriel Pereira Pündrich, pp. 21–36

Keywords: agribusiness, Big 4 auditor, audit, emerging markets

Small farmer’s planting confidence and willingness to pay for leguminous green fertilizer: environmental attributes perspective

Wang Xin, Song Yanping, Li Tan, pp. 49–67

Keywords: leguminous green fertilizer, willingness to pay, choice experiment method, small farmer

Determinants of US household expenditures on fortified fruit juice

Andrea Leschewski, Cole Sellnow, pp. 69–82

Keywords: fruit juice, fortification, expenditures, micronutrients, double-hurdle model 

Quantifying differences in alternative food network supply chain activities and their relationship with socio-economic outcomes

Erik Hunter, Andreas Norrman, Eva Berg, pp. 83–101

Keywords: alternative food networks, logistics, supply chain management, agriculture, happiness

Determinants of innovation by agri-food firms in rural Spain: an MCA PLS-SEM analysis

Xosé-Manuel Martínez-Filgueira, David Peón, Edelmiro López-Iglesias, pp. 103–119

Keywords: innovation, rural SMEs, R&D investment decisions, agri-food, MCA, PLS-SEM

How trade affects the US produce industry: the case of fresh tomatoes

Sheng Li, Feng Wu, Zhengfei Guan, Tianyuan Luo, pp. 121–133

Keywords: Mexican competition, trade, produce industry, fresh tomatoes, demand analysis

Do farmer groups improve the situation of women in agriculture in rural Kenya?

Rose Ingutia, John Sumelius, pp. 135–156

Keywords: farmer groups, female farmers, crop yield, rural Kenya, productive resources

Case Studies

Oatly, a serious ‘problem’ for the dairy industry? A case study

Caspar Krampe, Adar Fridman, pp. 157–171

Keywords: Oatly, dairy industry, dairy analogues, technology innovation, marketing, international strategy 

Improving decision-making through material flow cost accounting: the case of VietGreen bottled mineral water company

Thuy Thanh Tran, Christian Herzig, pp. 37–48

Keywords: bottled mineral water production, economic and environmental performance, eco-efficiency, material flow cost accounting, decision-making

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