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International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

2024  |  VOLUME 27 ISSUE 3

Published July 2024

Case Study

IMAC (Mato Grosso Meat Institute): sustainable development and promotion of beef chain in Brazil
Flavio Ruhnke Valerio, Marcos Fava Neves, Vinicius Cambaúva, and Leticia Franco Martinez, pp: 413–423

Research Articles

How and why did the transition process towards a fully sustainable production of cocoa beans in Bahia (Brazil) take place?
Claudia Cheron König, Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes, and Paula Sarita Bigio Schnaider, pp: 425–440

The economics of farming expansion in the Brazilian Cerrado under possible effects of climate change
Henrique Monaco, Carlos Ortiz, Lilian Caetano, Christoph Müller, and Jonas Jägermeyr, pp: 441–462

Assessing the impact of digital financial inclusion on green total factor productivity of grain in China: promotion or inhibition?
Wenjiang Ma, Qing Zhang, Nimra Amar, Miaoqin Bai, Zhongna Yang, and Jing Shi, pp: 463–477

Understanding dis-adoption of technologies by smallholder dairy farmers in Indonesia
Rida Akzar, Alexandra Peralta, and Wendy Umberger, pp: 478–508

Farm diversification through agritourism: innovation synergies
Tsung-Chiung (Emily) Wu, Chiu-Pin Chen, Alex Yang-chan Hsu, and Geoffrey Wall, pp: 509–525

What role does information capacity play in the tourism livelihood of farm households in ethnic villages?
Huiling Zhou, Guanlin Long, Lu Lu, Yajun Jiang, and Ke Wu, pp: 526–539

Competitive parity in chain management – factors that influence the long-term compliance with product and quality criteria along the chain
Barbara Richter and Jon H. Hanf, pp: 540–565

Spatial differentiation in food service pricing: an explorative study with web-scraped data
Yong Jee Kim, Jinho Jung, Kihwan Yu, Sanghyo Kim, and Nicole Olynk Widmar, pp: 566–592

Social capital in transactions: The role of economic and social trust in the specialty beef production system in Brazil
Jaiane Aparecida Pereira, Sandra Mara de Alencar Schiavi, and Amanda Ferreira Guimarães, pp: 593–610

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