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2019  |  VOLUME 22 ISSUE 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Testing capital structure theories for agricultural cooperatives

Yuxi (Lance) Cheng, Ani L. Katchova, pp. 1–14

Keywords: agricultural cooperatives, capital structure, trade-off theory, pecking order theory 

Dairy farm management priorities and implications

John Lai, Nicole J. Olynk Widmar, Christopher A. Wolf, pp. 15–30

Keywords: farm management, best worst analysis, choice experiment, random parameter logit, latent class model)

Management outputs efficiency comparison: the credit departments within farmer associations in Taiwan and Japan

Yung-Hsiang Lu, Meng-Hsuan Wu, Shang-Ho Yang, pp. 65–78

Keywords: cross-country, credit departments, farmer associations, stochastic, metafrontier analysis, productivity

Why do agribusiness firms simultaneously source from different contract farming arrangements? Evidence from the soybean industry in Malawi

Innocent Mugwagwa, Jos Bijman, Jacques Trienekens, pp. 79–96

Keywords: contract farming arrangements, plural governance, Malawi, transaction costs 

Exploring relationships among recall effectiveness indicators in the US meat and poultry industry

Jianbin Yu, Neal H. Hooker, pp. 97–106

Keywords: meat and poultry, food recall, recall effectiveness, food safety 

Factors affecting social entrepreneurship intentions among agricultural university students in Taiwan

Teng-Li Yu, Jiun-Hao Wang, pp. 107–118

Keywords: empathy, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, social capital and support, social entrepreneurial intentions, social responsibility

Analysis of agribusiness value chains servicing small-holder dairy farming communities in Punjab, Pakistan: three case studies

Sosheel S. Godfrey, Gavin C. Ramsay, Karl Behrendt, Peter C. Wynn, Thomas L. Nordblom, Naveed Aslam, pp. 119–136

Keywords: value chain, milk, nutrition, price, pro-poor policy

Measuring the fragility of agribusiness value chains: a case study of the South African lamb chain

Daniel du P.S. Jordaan, Johann F. Kirsten pp. 137–154

Keywords: agribusiness risk, chain risk, uncertainty, chain fragility

Review Article

Analyzing agribusiness value chains: a literature review

Pablo Mac Clay, Roberto Feeney, pp. 31–46

Keywords: agribusiness value chains, value chain analysis, value chain methodologies, value chain description

Case Study

Autonomation in broiler production: a comparative analysis

Dalila Cisco Collatto, Anete Petrusch, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Fábio Antônio Sartori Piran, Ricardo Brandão Mansilha, pp. 47–64

Keywords: automation, Toyota Production System, loss, productivity, broiler farming, broiler

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