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Take an important step forward in your career

IFAMA is unique among professional associations. We are a forward looking and multi-disciplinary organization that encompasses all food and agribusiness related industries and functions.

Early career professionals and students are vital to our organization because the future of our planet requires a global community of many committed individuals working to address the challenges ahead in agriculture. We know that by reaching across continents and working through cultural differences we can develop innovative strategies to create a sustainable future.

Talent development

There are several reasons why companies doing business in agriculture look to IFAMA as an important source for recruiting and finding new talent to fill jobs in the global food system:

  1. IFAMA candidates are globally savvy and better prepared for the issues facing the global marketplace.
  2. We have a reputation for delivering strong students who are passionate about our industry.
  3. IFAMA provides students ongoing opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills and understanding the global food system.
  4. We have the next generation of thinkers—who will help drive innovation and discovery to reshape agribusiness, biosecurity, the environment, agriculture, and succession in the food system.

Annual conferences

The IFAMA conference provides a wide range of opportunities to learn from some of the top minds in agriculture, and network with others who possess similar experiences and interests. Whether it’s the Student Case Competition, attending a research presentation, or an agribusiness case study break-out session, you have an opportunity to take a step forward with your career. 

Meet the IFAMA Young Board

The IFAMA Young Board was born to help drive the overall objective of IFAMA: to bring together the world's leading scholars and students, industry and NGO professionals, and policymakers to improve the strategic focus, transparency, sustainability and responsiveness of the food and agribusiness system.

Get involved

The achievement of IFAMA objectives is both rewarding and challenging, and it is for this reason that we are reaching out to students, as well as young agribusiness professionals in academia, industry, NGOs and policy. We understand that the contribution and commitment of young professionals are crucial to fulfilling our goals. We therefore solicit your support in helping us take IFAMA and the conversations surrounding the agri-food sector to the next level. Specifically, here are ways you can contribute:

  • Become an active member of IFAMA. Join now  
  • Follow and participate in our ongoing digital conference activities : International Essay Competition, and Webinars
  • Participate in our next IFAMA conference
  • Engage and share your ideas with us through Social Media and our online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn   
  • Be involved in our Young Board webinars, and other year-long virtual activities
  • Be part of our programs aimed at young professionals including IFAMA's Global Case Study Competition, job board and other professional development opportunities
  • Publish your research in our IFAMR Journal.

I want to join the Young Professionals Network!

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“Building a talented workforce is critical to meeting the growing global demands. We are always looking for bright new talent to join DuPont Pioneer. My colleagues that accompanied me at the IFAMA conference were impressed with the caliber of participants that attended. We made some great connections with university staff, governmental officials, and of course the students!”

Cindy Langenberg
Sr. Human Resources Manager
Talent Acquisition
DuPont Pioneer

“The conference has definitely impacted what I believe my career could look like. I am now very interested in working in Africa, as it is an interesting and rapidly growing business environment. I would also like to do something in my career which impacts food security and really benefits people. ”

Andrew McGuire
University of Guelph, Canada

The NextGen Ag Impact Network, the new, global, inclusive and intergenerational network of networks for, with, and by young people in agriculture and related fields, creates a community, programs, and opportunities to contribute to an impactful transformation of agricultural ecosystems towards sustainability, in line with the UN SDGs.

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